18 Kitchen Hacks For Organization You’ll Wish You Knew

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Kitchen hacks

Kitchen hacks can make time spent in the kitchen much more organized and efficient.  Because life is busy and every spare minute you can squeeze into the day is valuable.  These genius ideas will have you marveling, “Why didn’t I think of that before?”  Here are 18 handy kitchen hacks and tricks that will make life a lot easier when it comes to the one room we undeniably spend the most time in…the kitchen.

18 Kitchen Hacks

1.  Use frozen sponges for cheap, convenient lunch box ice packs.

Soak several sponges in water then seal them in separate Ziploc bags.  Freeze, then pack them in lunch boxes for a quick, and inexpensive ice pack.  The sponges will melt, soak up the water, and freeze over and over again!

Kitchen hacks


2. Use cookie cutters to make neat cake decorations, or shaped eggs and pancakes.



3.  Use bread bag clips to label cords.

Who would’ve thought?  I’ll never be on my hands and knees, following a maze of chords again.

 Kitchen hacks

4.  Coat measuring cups with nonstick spray before measuring sticky ingredients like honey, syrups, and peanut butter.

Kitchen hacks


5.  Freeze fresh herbs in olive oil, then freeze them for a quick, delicious addition to sauces and pasta.

I hate buying an entire sprig of expensive herbs for only one recipe, so this is the perfect solution for that situation.  Use this kitchen hack for your abundance of summer herbs, or your farmer’s market spree.

Kitchen hacks


6.  Pit cherries quickly and efficiently using a glass bottle and a firm straw or chopstick.

A recent Facebook convo revealed this little beauty of a hack when it comes to pitting cherries.  Our readers swear it works wonders!

Kitchen hacks

Illustration by Haley Harmon


7.  In addition, you can bend the two outside prongs of a fork for an inexpensive homemade cherry pitter.  Read more here.

Again, our Facebook readers suggested this great alternative to a cherry pitter when you’re in a pinch.


8.  Forget expensive products that don’t work, clean and polish stainless steel appliances with…

Kitchen hacks


9.  Remove the hull from strawberries with a firm straw.

Kitchen hacks

10.  Peel garlic the easy way.

Kitchen hacks

11.  Quickly cut potatoes with an apple slicer.


12.  Two easy ways to peel hard boiled eggs without the mess and frustration.

1) Prick the large end each egg with a pushpin before boiling.  Read more here.

Kitchen hacks

2) Adding 1/2 a teaspoon of baking soda to the water before you boil eggs makes them easier to peel.

Kitchen hacks

13.  Clean a crusty microwave with a soaked sponge (and sanitize a sponge this same way).

 Soak a sponge in water, then cook in microwave for one minute.  Careful, it will be too hot to handle with bare hands.  The moisture will loosen grime on your microwave thus make it easier to clean.  To sanitize a yucky sponge, soak it in water and vinegar and microwave for one minute.


14.  Convert creamer bottles into convenient snack dispensers.  These would be great for traveling!



15.  Keep floss in your kitchen for cutting cakes, soft cheeses, cinnamon rolls, and other soft foods.

Kitchen hacks


16.  Use a wooden spoon to keep pots from boiling over and avoid a huge mess!

Does it have to be wooden?  All evidence points to yes.  Call it an old wive’s tale, or culinary witchcraft, but for some reason, a wooden spoon will keep that pot from boiling over!

Kitchen hacks


17.  Use empty Tic Tac containers for spice storage.

Kitchen hacks


18.  Use a PLASTIC knife to cut brownies neatly without sticking.  Crazy, but it works!

Kitchen hacks


 Hope these kitchen life hacks do wonders for you in the kitchen.  If you’re looking for even more kitchen hacks, then check out our tips to organize your kitchen!  Let us know of any other genius hacks you’ve got hidden up your sleeve!


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